Monday, 13 February 2012

My Latest Obsession

No, it's not Pinterest, though it has taken a bit of a hammering tonight. It's a vintage caravan.
I want one!
So bad!

I live in a house with all males - even the cat once had balls.

I long for a space of my own. The kids each have a bedroom that is their space (and they take over the rest of the house). Hubby has his study (he is at uni so I'll give him that one). My youngest informed me yesterday that the LAUNDRY!!!! was all mine! Except I have to share it with him and his brother for their toilet is in there.

I admit, I have tried to pretty up the laundry a little - vintage tins for pegs, powder and soaking, apple green hand towel and a cute little laundry definition in a frame - but there is not a lot I can do with something that has a loo in one corner and a shower (that is currently being used as a broom cupboard) in the other.
I have long been a crafter, but it has taken a bit of a back-seat lately (well it's all crammed into the study wardrobe at present) due to a lack of space. I long to be able to get out my customised (by hubby - he's handy as well as smart) quilting table and rustle up a couple of nice warm quilts. The ones that currently grace the quilt rack get a good work out in winter here (and spring and autumn and even the other night when it's still summer). I need space to do it, somewhere I can shut the door and walk away when ME time is over. There isn't any room in the house. Putting the boys back in together is NOT an option. We had 6 months of that enforced on us over last autumn/winter when we were living in a little cottage in the country and it was not fun - they do not sleep in the same room.

The idea of a little studio in the yard has always appealed. A girly shed so to speak. Trouble is now we are no longer home-owners, so it needs to be transportable. Who knows where we will be off to next (though I'm secretly hoping we'll be here for a while longer).

I never had a cubby house as a kid - okay, if you count an open area with bricks on the floor under our house where we had our little table and chairs and we built a fireplace out of aforementioned bricks then I did, but it didn't have curtains! I also don't have anything or anyone that is pink! I want a pink space - or at least somewhere I can indulge my closet love of vintage things. I have boys remember, pretty things would not survive here.

So.... a little old caravan would be perfect. Towable (by tow-truck if necessary), reasonably priced (I would be doing my own restoration thanks - I'm not paying $10000 for someone to do it for me, there are some nice ones around for that price though), not asking too much. I'm hoping I find one by the side of a country road in my travels for work one day.

I can imagine painting the inside pretty colours like this, sewing up curtains and cushions and quilts, organising all my fabric and notions into little cupboards and baskets. Putting in a bed for guests would be an added bonus since we don't have a guest room and live away from our family. It will also need to be insulated, or I can say goodbye to using it for half the year here. Maybe air-conditioned might help too (very unvintage I know).

And by vintage, I mean it has to be almost as old as me! 1970 just doesn't cut it.
One day....... in the mean time, I'll keep Pinning.

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